Al Marai Saudi Arabia Display Refrigerator
February 11, 2019
DHL Warehouse, Queen Alia Airport
March 20, 2019

Carrefour Aley Mall, Lebanon

Carrefour Lebanon has once again placed it’s trust in us for the supply and installation of the refrigeration system for the second branch opened in 2018. The Aley Mall branch is Carrefour’s first Supermarket store in Lebanon, which differs significantly from Carrefour’s Hypermarket Stores. Usually in Hypermarkets, the Store’s concept would be to have an all inclusive store, catering to a wide range of customers with a large variety of products and services, which can include: Fresh Bakery, electronics, even a sit down restaurant. A supermarket can still have some of these services but it’s main focus would be attracting the communities around it with a narrower range of services and availability of daily foods & necessities.

Our products selected for the market: