Energy Efficiency In Supermarket Refrigeration
January 31, 2019
Carrefour Aley Mall, Lebanon
February 20, 2019

Al Marai Saudi Arabia Display Refrigerator

In 2018, Abdin started a partnership with Al Marai Group in Saudi Arabia, where we supply them the Jineen Model with Al Marai Branding on the Canopy and Sides. The most important requirement of Al Marai’s was high durability, as their cabinet undergo severe conditions in the very hot Gulf climate. After visiting our factory, and testing the cabinets in our laboratories under the conditions required for a long duration, they were satisfied with the results.

Jineen is an Open Multideck Cabinet that is remotely cooled. It can be adjusted to be suitable for the display of meat products, dairy and vegetables. Features of the Jineen Cabinet:

  • A kick plate made of PVC plated Galvanized Steel with rubber gaskets on the sides, It is ensured that no dirt or water will escape underneath the cabinet, maintaining a level of Hygiene.
  • Very flexible shelving system, where the shelves are height adjustable, allowing the customer to change shelve height easily, also adding new shelves if needed.
  • The cabinet has a dynamic cooling system to ensure stable cooling in the entirety of the Cabinet.
  • The Cabinet can be multiplexed, allowing for the assembly of a long line of cabinets in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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