Quality Policy

Abdin Industrial conforms to the guidelines of the quality management system standards (ISO 9001-2008) as part of its campaign to provide production and business services that are up to international standards. Market research and a continuous improvement philosophy that is adopted by the organization at all management levels allows us to always improve our products and services as well as provide new ones according to the demands of the market.

Our Research & Development department are fully dedicated to the research and design of new, innovative, technologically advanced products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Design & Consultation:

After many projects and 40 years of experience in the field, Abdin Industrials Is the ideal partner. We offer advice on the placement and use of our equipment. As well as provide detailed layout drawings of the site that include all mechanical and electrical infrastructures.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Turnkey Installation:

Abdin Industrial has a team dedicated to the complete calculation of any refrigerating or gas infrastructure in a project, as well as the installation and activation of our equipment on site.

System Engineering:

Abdin Industrial designs and builds refrigeration systems according to client specifications. Engineering refrigeration systems begin by studying the environment where the system will be placed (Humidity, ambient temperature), as well as calculating the cooling capacity required to cool the needed equipment. Depending on the results of the study, the components of the system are carefully selected to achieve the perfect capacity and efficiency.

Our refrigeration systems are designed to withstand harsh and high-temperature environments, making it suitable for use in any conditions.

After-Sale Service:

To guarantee the longevity of our products and the customers’ satisfaction, Abdin has always focused on providing the best after sale services for our customers. Services include checkups, routine change of filters and oil. We aim to always respond to any situation with the utmost speed and efficiency.