Coffee Preparation & Making has evolved significantly over the years. Machines now can perform at a much higher standard, last a long life and are much more efficient & productive. There exists a variety each designed to be used for certain applications. We strive to provide the complete line of machines, which include:

Automatic Coffee machines:

Excellent for offices, meeting halls and hotels. The automatic coffee machine prepares your coffee from scratch (Bean-to-cup), reducing the number of number of machines needed in the workshop. Automatic machines can also make a variety of drinks, including: espresso, Cappuccino, Americano and even Hot Chocolate, with addition of a milk cooler. The demand for the automatic coffee machine has increased dramatically recently, due to its consistency, productivity, practicality, flexibility and user-friendliness.

Semi-automatic Espresso machines:

With all of the new technologies emerging in this sector, there is still a demand for authentic Italian espresso made by a barista. The level of skill required for this type of coffee preparation & making is high, as different types of coffee require different pressures in the grinding stage, it also allows for increased flexibility in the coffee beans as each cup is done separately and from scratch.

Coffee Grinding Machines:

Coffee grinding is now essential, in every Coffee outlet. Whether a coffee producer or a specialty coffee shop. There are different machines with different production outputs, ranging from: high productivity machines (2200 grams/minute) often used in coffee production to low productivity machines (240 grams/minute) that accompany a semi-automatic espresso machine.

Coffee Percolator Machines:

Also called American coffee machines, this type of machine specializes in one type of coffee only and works by revolving the boiling brew through the grinded coffee, resulting in a robust and excellent flavor. Used in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, it is a necessity.