About Abdin Industrial:

Abdin Industrial is a leading manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration equipment, kitchen equipment and shelving units in the Middle East, installing Projects in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the UAE. We provide turnkey solutions for a variety of projects, including complete installation, efficient and extensive before and after sale services to guarantee durable and long living products.


Abdin Industrial History:

  • Abdin Industrial was first Established in 1974 as a supplier of supermarket equipment.
  • Abdin Industrials shifted its focus to manufacturing in 1986, opening a modest manufacturing facility. The factory produced: Display Shelving, Refrigeration Cabinets & Cold Room Paneling.
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment production line was designed and introduced in 1988.
  • Due to the increased demand in the market, The Abdin Factory was moved to 20,000 m2 Facility, where it stands today. Employing the latest technologies of CNC machines to guarantee excellent quality.

Quality Policy

Abdin Industrial conforms to the guidelines of the quality management system standards (ISO 9001-2008) as part of its campaign to provide production and business services that are up to international standards. Market research and a continuous improvement philosophy that is adopted by the organization at all management levels allows us to always improve our products and services as well as provide new ones according to the demands of the market.
Our Research & Development department are fully dedicated to the research and design of new, innovative, technologically advanced products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.