Abdin Industrial At Hace Expo in Cairo, Egypt
November 7, 2019
Marhaba Supermarket, Aqaba
August 27, 2020

Grandiose Supermarket, Dubai

The new Silicon Oasis Grandiose Supermarket was supplied and installed by us in the late 2019. Their direction to acquire an energy efficient and sustainable solution for their refrigeration system gave them the incentive to be the first supermarket in the UAE to acquire our highly innovative DC-Inverter Compressor Condensing Unit that saves up to 60% of the store’s energy consumption . In addition to the refrigeration system, we offered a Turnkey Solution that included: Display Cabinets, Display Shelving & S/S Equipment & Cold Rooms. For the Display Cabinets, the customer chose:

Jineen Refrigerator (With Doors):https://abdin.com.jo/products/supermarket-equipment/refrigeration-equipment/remote/jineen/

Maysaloon Refrigerator Island: https://abdin.com.jo/products/supermarket-equipment/refrigeration-equipment/remote/maysaloon/

Beesan Refrigerator: https://abdin.com.jo/products/supermarket-equipment/refrigeration-equipment/plug-in/beesan/

Jaleel Freezer:https://abdin.com.jo/products/supermarket-equipment/refrigeration-equipment/remote/jaleel/

Display Shelving: https://abdin.com.jo/products/shelving-units/display-shelving-units/

DC-Invertor Compressor Condensing Unit: https://abdin.com.jo/dc-inverter-condensing-unit/