R290 gas in Refrigeration
June 30, 2018
AL Mousa Supermarket in Falcon City, Dubai
December 24, 2018

DC-Inverter Condensing Unit

Energy Efficiency is a theme in today’s innovations. In the past, the focus would be on performance, practicality & aesthetic design, due to the low cost of electricity & past consumer trends. Today’s Supermarket owner however, will go the extra distance and invest in products that will have low running costs, low maintenance needs and long lasting lives, and rightly so. With the increasingly high electricity prices all over the world, energy saving is now a crucial factor in the design of any enterprise.  Our latest innovation the DC-Inverter Condensing Unit is specifically designed to save as much energy as possible to the supermarket owner.

DC-Inverter Condensing Unit:

  • Energy Efficiency:

This is achieved through the use of BLDC (Brushless DC compressor) variable speed compressor and electronic expansion valves for precise oil & liquid injection. A BLDC compressor is very energy efficient compared to any other type of compressor, due to its very wide range of cooling capacity modulation, and constant adjustment of the compressor’s speed according to real time conditions.

The real-time constant monitoring of each cabinet connected to the unit allows the continuous adjustment of the suction pressure set point, in addition to keeping the ON-OFF cycles to a minimum, reducing the high spikes of energy consumption. The use of electric expansion valves ensures that only the required amount of oil is injected in the compressor for lubrication, and allows the compressor to always operate optimally by constantly modulating the valve’s opening.


  • System Reliability:

The DC-Inverter condensing unit is built to be extremely reliable & have a long lasting life. The lubrication of the compressor is always monitored and adjusted to be kept optimum. If the sensors read a deficiency in the oil system, there is a speed boost function that will increase the speed at which the oil returns to the compressor.

Refrigerant migration can sometimes cause the compressor crankcase to lose its oil, which will circulate in the system and will often be trapped in the evaporator coil. In the DC-Inverter Condensing Unit, the said trapped oil is always recovered through systematic periodical washing cycles.

  • Extensive Usability:

The control software of the unit is very user friendly, where the menu is divided by function and type of parameter. It allows for fast configuration using the wizard start-up procedure. In addition, many of the parameters will be pre-set according to the type of refrigerant used. Lastly, different access profiles assists to find the parameters accessible to different user types.


Benefits of a DC inverter:

  • Faster responses to changes in the weather conditions.
  • Significant reduction in the operating costs (40-60 less).
  • Temperature set-points are achieved at a faster rate.
  • Improved maintenance of design conditions with less temperature fluctuation.
  • Lower noise levels in the area surrounding the unit.
  • Eliminates voltage peaks from compressor, therefore reducing its strain & improves its life.