Carrefour Aley Mall, Lebanon
February 20, 2019
Abu Odeh Stores, Marj Al Hamam
April 22, 2019

DHL Warehouse, Queen Alia Airport

     We were happy to cooperate with DHL for the preparation of their new warehouses, located in Queen Alia Airport. Where we supplied and installed their shelving system., which consists of our Pallet Racks and Spare Parts Storage System. Our storage systems are all made of galvanized painted steel of the highest quality, guaranteeing the capacity to withstand the specified loads.

  • Box-type Shelving (Pallet Rack):

      In this project, as is done conventionally. We offered double rack units to go along the middle aisles, where they have two access points, and single rack units along the walls. Our Pallet Rack System can withstand up to 2000 Kg per level, and consists of 2 side columns with 2mm thickness and 10 x 5 cm front and back beams with 1.5 thickness for each level. The beams have a safety mechanism for securing it on its place on the side columns. All Parts of the units are painted in our own power coating line.

  • Spare parts Shelving System:

For the storage of spare parts, we offered a two level compact and space efficient system. The Unit is flexible, where the levels’ and shelves’ placements can be changed according to the need. All columns in the unit have a steel thickness of 1.5 mm, and allows the movement of people and heavy parts without breaking.