Abu Odeh Stores, Marj Al Hamam
April 22, 2019
Participation in Oman Food & Hospitality Exhibition
October 1, 2019

    In the C-Town Abdali Mall project, we have undertaken the task of designing, building and installing an energy efficient system, that has never been attempted before. The system consists of 2 Refrigeration Racks & 2 Freezing Racks that use DC-Inverter technology rather than the traditionally used AC-Inverters. What differentiates AC & DC Inverter technologies, is the simple fact that DC-Inverters have a much wider operating refrigeration capacity, allowing the system to go down to as low as 15% of the total capacity of the system when need be. AC inverters on the other hand can only go down to 50%, even if the cooling capacity required is lower than that. Therefore, in times where the cooling capacity required is very low, DC technology will result in massive savings that cannot be achieved with traditional systems. For more on DC-Technology, please check our article:

The main challenge with the implementation of the DC-Inverter Refrigeration pack is the facilitation of the cycle of oil return to the compressors, due to the said compressors operating at very low speeds. A special mechanism of our own invention was used to guarantee the lubrication of the system to a satisfactory degree.

    Observation of the performance of the system and electricity bills of the Hypermarket indicate savings up to 60 %. Adding that to the stability of the system, where the temperatures of the cabinets have been steadily maintained since the activation of the system, we feel proud to offer a new green, energy efficient alternative system to our customers.

Abdin Solution for the Store:

We supplied C-Town with a Turn-Key Solution, that included: The Refrigeration System, Display Shelving, S/S Equipment, Food Preparation Equipment and Storage Shelving. Below is a list with all of the products installed: