DC-Inverter Condensing Unit
September 29, 2018
Carrefour Town Centre Hypermarket, Lebanon
December 26, 2018

AL Mousa Supermarket in Falcon City, Dubai

Abdin Industrial & it’s partner in the UAE Lifco Technical have completed the supply & installation of the new Al Mousa Supermarket located in Falcon City, Dubai. The supermarket is 2000 m2 and provides Fresh Produce, Meat & Fish and Dairy… The supermarket’s philosophy is quality & service; the staff is highly focused on procuring only the highest quality products for its customers and in servicing their customers to the highest degree. According with the supermarket’s high end theme and design, the cabinets were all painted a light gold to match with the rest of the supermarket’s decorations. The cabinets supplied by Abdin were:

The Akka model is a plug-in cabinet that can be installed as either a refrigerator or a freezer, Al Mousa Supermarket decided to use AKKA for all of the vertical display cabinets, keeping a uniformity in the appearance of the cabinets . Akka is a highly energy efficient cabinet that also provides a high display capacity, while also reducing installation time and cost, the supermarket owner will not need to prepare any infrastructure for the cabinet, as the condensing unit is internal. For the self-service section of the supermarket, we advised Al Mousa to use Maysaloon model, where pre-packed meat & fresh produce can be displayed. Lastly, the Beesan model was selected for the butchery and deli sections of the supermarket.