Grand Hyatt Regency & Ayla Resort, Aqaba
January 3, 2019
Energy Efficiency In Supermarket Refrigeration
January 31, 2019

Blue Pearl Supermarket, Dubai

 We are happy to announce the opening of the new Blue Pearl Supermarket furnished with Abdin products, the products were installed & supplied by Sagar Trading LLC. The 1500 m2 super market is located in the Investment Park, Dubai and belongs to the AL Madinah Group, a large and respectable company that owns a chain of hypermarkets & supermarkets in the UAE. The Blue Pearl Supermarket is highly focused on the Quality and availability of its products. To cater and service their customers in the best way possible, they offer a variety of products, including: Fresh Produce, Meat Products, Dairy, Clothing and electronics.

    We offered the store a Turnkey Solution that involved: Display Cabinets, Display Shelving & S/S Equipment. For the Display Cabinets, the customer chose:

         The Yarmouk model is an open display cabinet that has a large display capacity. Due to its flexibility, it is suitable for the display of different refrigerated products, such as: Pre-packed meat products, Juices, Dairy & Fresh Produce. In the frozen section of the supermarket, The Jaleel Model was selected, a two deck cabinet with separate dynamic cooling systems. The upper deck is equipped with triple glazed doors to ensure maximum efficiency and energy saving. The concept behind Jaleel is that traditional fast moving products can be stored in the lower deck for easy reach, and more delicate products can be stored in the upper deck. The Beesan model was placed in the Butchery & Deli section of the supermarket, an elegant design with LED lighting, Beesan offers customers excellent visibility of the displayed products, as well as being equipped with a work counter for the preparation of the foods. Lastly, Abdin supplied a S/S Display Counter for the display of fresh fish.