DC-Inverter Condensing Unit
September 29, 2018

First CO2 Refrigeration Project in the Mena Region


We are very proud to have installed the first CO2 refrigeration system in the Middle East. CO2 as a refrigerant offers great benefits compared to other refrigerants: It is environmentally friendly, World-wide available, energy efficient, doesn’t have any future use restrictions and in addition to cooling applications, the CO2 system can also be used for heating applications of water in the building, further adding to the system’s energy efficiency. The system was installed in al-Salam Stores in Amman, Jordan and it refrigerates 8 glass door chillers, and 8 glass door freezers, Model Shobak: http://abdin.com.jo/products/supermarket-equipment/refrigeration-equipment/remote/shobak/

    The world is now slowly but surely employing CO2 as a refrigerant in their systems, due to extreme pressure on CFC refrigerants by governments. In 2014, 1000 stores using the low GWP refrigerant opened in Japan. Europe of course, still remains the world leader in adopting this technology, but the rest of the world are looking to close the gap. The US and Canada have also seen an increase of CO2 usage due their own recent legislation against R404a. The Middle East and specifically Jordan are also moving towards more environmentally friendly ways, going so far as to set a date for the complete phase out of R404a from the Jordanian market in 2040.

    The pressure required in a CO2 system is much higher than a CFC system and due to the region’s hot climate, the system could not be operated until recently when new ways were developed to handle the extremely high pressures. Now that it is possible, people and governments of this region will push for it’s use in many different applications. Refrigeration will be a huge focus due to it’s popular demand and overwhelming presence in our daily lives, we are happy to be able to contribute to this wonderful cause of keeping our environment safe in whatever way we can!