R290 gas in Refrigeration
June 30, 2018
First CO2 Refrigeration Project in the Mena Region
October 2, 2018

DC Inverter

Inverter technology in commercial refrigeration is used to control the speed of a compressor and dictate output by regulating voltage, current & frequency. Basically when the frequency of the compressor is high, then the output is also high and vice-versa when the frequency is low, the output is also low, this allows for a very efficient system, where the compressor output is generated according to the weather conditions.

Benefits of a DC inverter:

  • Faster responses to changes in the weather conditions.
  • Significant reduction in the operating costs (40-60 less).
  • Temperature set-points are achieved at a faster rate.
  • Improved maintenance of design conditions with less temperature fluctuation.
  • Lower noise levels in the area surrounding the unit.
  • Eliminates voltage peaks from compressor, therefore reducing its strain & improves its life.