AL Mousa Supermarket in Falcon City, Dubai
December 24, 2018
Grand Hyatt Regency & Ayla Resort, Aqaba
January 3, 2019

Carrefour Town Centre Hypermarket, Lebanon

It was a great pleasure working with Carrefour Lebanon this year, supplying and installing their refrigeration systems in 2 branches. The first branch is the 3500 m2  Carrefour Town Centre Hypermarket located in the Jeita Grotto, the store opened in February 2018. Abdin Products in the store include:

Refrigeration System:

Display Cabinets:

A Hypermarket is a store that is all inclusive, and contains many sections that aren’t necessarily included in a small store. Therefore, the range of display cabinets required in a hypermarket is much wider. Our Range of Display Cabinets covers all said requirements, the models supplied to the Carrefour Town Center consists of: Vertical Open Display Chillers for the display of Dairy, Juices, Fresh Produce…etc., Vertical Glass Door Freezers (Shobak) & Horizontal Island Freezers (Majdal) for the display of all frozen products, Self Service Cabinets (Maysaloon) for the display of pre packed meat & fresh produce products and Lastly, Counter cabinets (Beesan) for the butchery and deli section.

Centralized Refrigeration System:

All cabinets mentioned above, in addition to the cold & freezer rooms installed in the store are connected to one centralized semi-hermetic system. The benefits of using a centralized refrigeration system:

  • Lower installation & energy costs compared to individual condensing units.
  • Reduces the risk of compressor malfunctioning, if one or more compressors are out of commission, the system can continue running for a short period of time.
  • Allows for the complete control and monitoring of the system, which leads to safer and more effective maintenance.
  • The refrigeration capacity that can be reached in a centralized system is much higher than any one compressor.

We believe in offering our customers turnkey solutions, taking caring of all their needs ourselves. To accomplish this feat, we have the full range of Supermarket Equipment. From Display Refrigerators & Freezers, Display Shelving and Cash Counters to Brand Name preparation machines and packaging machines.